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Closings FAQ

Closings FAQ

When there are active closings, view them here.

KHTV 9 News receives a number of phone calls and e-mails from viewers with questions. One of the most common questions concerns our "Snow Code" system for announcing school and business closings.
So, we thought explaining the system here would help you.
The snow closing system is a viewer-operated system. KHTV 9 DOES NOT enter the information in the system. That comes straight from the school/business/institution.
Before you can enter information, you need a snow code.
If your organization wants an announcement in the snow closing system, please put your request on company letterhead and indicate a contact person, number of people you serve per day, mailing address, city, zipcode, contact phone number and a return email address. Then send the request by one of the following:
1) Send an attachment on company letterhead to
2) Fax: 336-703-6100
3) Mail: KHTV-TV, 999 9th Street, St. Paul, IA 90210, Attn: Snow Closing Desk
PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a code that has a six-digit user code and six-digit pass code it will not change unless we contact you.
After receiving your information, our snow desk will assign a code. You will receive this information by email or fax only. Incomplete submissions will be denied.
1. You may reach the snow closing desk at 515-247-8808.
2. It takes a few days for us to process a snow code request -- so make sure to get your request in before the next storm. If you already have a snow code (with a six-digit user code and passcode), you don’t need another one. We recommend that you test it before the next closing season begins. If you had a snow code but don’t remember it, you’ll need to obtain a new one.
3. After you have a snow code, appointed people at each institution are given access to a secure Web page or phone number. On the Web page or automated phone system, you’ll enter a username and passcode, then report your closing.
4. Due to the extraordinary number of requests and the ability to effectively display closings on air in a timely fashion, Medical Office Closings will only be available online.
5. What time your school or institution chooses to close or delay is totally up to them. only displays the information it has received.
6. The system is constantly updating closings on KHTV and To see the latest closings online, go here. You may have to refresh the page every few minutes for the latest closings.
7. Would you like to have closing alerts e-mailed to you? It’s easy -- just head to this page and follow the instructions. We can also send alerts to your cell phone -- but your phone MUST have the ability to receive e-mail or text messages.
8. The snow closing system’s information is purged three times daily -- at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. After that any information is new and pertains to that day, night, etc, or the next 24-36 hours.
Thanks for helping KHTV keep our community informed. Stay tuned to KHTV and for your winter weather forecast!